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Becoming: Adapted for Younger Readers

od Michelle Obama z vydavateľstva Puffin dot 2021 EN jazyk

11,93 €

Becoming: Adapted for Younger Readers

od Michelle Obama z vydavateľstva Puffin dot 2021 EN jazyk

Autor: Michelle Obama
Vydavateľstvo: Puffin
Rok vydania: 2021
EAN: 9780241531815
Počet strán: 432
Typ tovaru: tvrdá
Jazyk: en
Rozmery: 240 x 156 mm
Tovar posielame do 5 pracovných dní
Objednajte dnes a tovar pravdepodobne odošleme vo štvrtok 26.5.2022
Bežná cena 15,96 €
Naša cena 11,93 €

Viac o knihe Becoming: Adapted for Younger Readers (Michelle Obama)

*A younger reader's edition of the number-one bestselling memoir by former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. With a new introduction from Mrs Obama herself*What's important is our story, our whole story, including those moments when we feel a little vulnerable . .. Michelle Robinson started life sharing a bedroom with her older brother Craig, in their family's upstairs apartment in her great-aunt's house. Her parents, Fraser and Marian, poured their love and energy into their children.She would go on to become Michelle Obama, the inspirational First Lady of the United States of America. Now adapted for younger readers, with new photographs and a new introduction from Michelle Obama herself, this memoir tells a very personal, and completely inspiring, story of how, through hard work and determination, the girl from the South Side of Chicago built an extraordinary life. A tale of ups and downs, triumphs and failures, this is an incredibly honest account.It will take you from the early years - first kiss, first school, first love - to the wonders of the White House, and the moment Mrs Obama shook hands with the Queen of England. A book to read, share, and talk about with the adults in your life, this is a call to action and compassion, and hope for change in uncertain times, and in a scary world. You'll be inspired to help others, and understand that no one is perfect.Just like Michelle Obama, you too are finding out exactly who you want to be (and, actually, so are the adults in your life). Above all, it is a book to make you think: who are you, and what do you want to become


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Becoming: Adapted for Younger Readers (Michelle Obama)