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Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 4th. edition

od Freeman, R. K. z vydavateľstva NBN International Ltd dot 2012

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 4th. edition

od Freeman, R. K. z vydavateľstva NBN International Ltd dot 2012

Autor: Freeman, R. K.
Vydavateľstvo: NBN International Ltd
Rok vydania: 2012
EAN: 9781451116632
Počet strán: 288
Typ tovaru: Pevná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 116,35 €
Zľava: 11%
Naša cena 103,55 €
Kúpou tohto produktu získate 6,91 bodov

Viac o knihe Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 4th. edition (Freeman, R. K.)

Fetal heart rate monitoring affects the lives of millions of women and infants every year in the United States alone. Used by all members of the obstetric team - nurses, students, midwives, and physicians - it is the primary method to assess fetal oxygenation in both the antepartum and intrapartum setting. Improving outcomes and promoting patient safety depends upon correct use and interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring, and is crucial to daily obstetric practice. This fourth edition provides the obstetrical team a framework within which to interpret and understand fetal heart rate tracings and their implications. The text covers key issues such as the physiological basis for monitoring, a discussion of fetal hypoxemia and neonatal encephalopathy, instrumentation and pattern recognition. In addition to an in-depth review of the standardized NICHD nomenclature and three-tiered FHR Category approach, there are chapters on intrapartum and antepartum management as well as fetal central nervous system effects on monitor patterns. Since fetal monitoring is primarily a screening tool there are also discussions on the use of backup methods for evaluation of abnormal patterns. This 4th edition also brings the addition of Lisa A. Miller CNM, JD, who provides a nursing and midwifery perspective as well an enhanced legal and risk management review. This new fourth edition includes: review of neonatal encephalopathy and recent studies on CP; current information and discussion of most recent NICHD panel recommendations, both antepartum and intrapartum; new chapter on Pitfalls in EFM; detailed chapter on risk management, liability & documentation; new section on fetal maternal hemorrhage; update on new instrumentation; and crucial information on maternal/fetal coincidence and FDA warnings. All chapters include updated practice tips and clinical implications for the entire obstetric team. Plus, with this edition clinicians have access to a companion website with full text and an image bank for fast & simplified clinical review.


Sny - A. Heretik
Hnev - Arpád Soltész

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Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 4th. edition (Freeman, R. K.)