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Art of the Pharaohs

od Ferrero, G. dot 2010

Art of the Pharaohs

od Ferrero, G. dot 2010

Autor: Ferrero, G.
Rok vydania: 2010
EAN: 9788854405684
Počet strán: 176
Typ tovaru: Pevná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 66,- €
Zľava: 11%
Naša cena 58,74 €

Viac o knihe Art of the Pharaohs (Ferrero, G.)

Thanks to its large format, this magnificently illustrated book shows portraits and monuments that are considered to be artistic masterpieces of antiquity in a new light. It traces the profiles of several sovereigns, presenting an accurate and in-depth picture of the history and art of Ancient Egypt and its undisputed protagonists: the Pharaohs. King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, and Son of Ra, are some of the titles held by the sovereigns who ruled over one of the richest and most powerful states of antiquity for more than 3,000 years. The history of Ancient Egypt through the millennia is marked by a succession of sovereigns and dynasties. The Pharaoh played a central role in the ideology and the concept of reality of Ancient Egyptians. This can be seen in the many monuments that feature and commemorate the feats of these sovereigns and the royal lists compiled by the ancient scribes. The Pharaoh, as the incarnation of the falcon god Horus and son of the sun god Ra, was the guarantor of cosmic order on Earth (Maat) and the intermediary between the gods and men. Chief priest, head of the army and head of political and administrative life, the Pharaoh was the prototype for the absolute monarch and, to some degree, his figure personified the state. Some Pharaohs left such traces of themselves that they became historical immortal figures. The names Khufu, Tutankhamun and Ramesses II remain well known after thousands of years due to their monuments and treasures. Of the other Pharaohs, the names and fragments of representations are the only traces we can use today to reconstruct the events of those times.


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Art of the Pharaohs (Ferrero, G.)