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Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment

od Nadem, T. z vydavateľstva Gardners Books Ltd dot 2005

Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment

od Nadem, T. z vydavateľstva Gardners Books Ltd dot 2005

Autor: Nadem, T.
Vydavateľstvo: Gardners Books Ltd
Rok vydania: 2005
EAN: 9780973455182
Počet strán: 460
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 24,40 €
Zľava: 11%
Naša cena 21,72 €
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Viac o knihe Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment (Nadem, T.)

This is the 2nd and latest edition of this publication. This book is a 3 in 1 publication. It offers a do-it-yourself kit for skilled workers under the latest Canadian immigration policy, along with a comprehensive step-by-step settlement guide for new immigrants and visitors. Finally, it provides a detailed job search guide with profession specific guidelines, addresses and tips. The do-it-yourself kit enables any skilled worker to access their eligibility and prepare their immigration application professionally without any external help. This book will provide you with an example of the alternate submission which is required if you believe that you are proficient in English and therefore do not wish to take the IELTS.) If your points are short for becoming eligible for immigration under the point system, then you will find all the available job search tools and resources in this book which will enable you to register online with thousands of Canadian and American recruiting agencies and employers for free that could result in a job offer and subsequently the 10 points towards your eligibility. You will also find the North American style resume and top interview questions asked by Canadian employers along with a practice interview example in this book. If you do not have a degree or diploma and cannot qualify for the Canadian immigration under point system yet have a 1-2 years of apprenticeship and experience in your trade with good English or French language ability, then you can apply for a Temporary Work Permit to work in Canada by securing a job offer through this job search guide. Canada issues about 90,000 temporary work permits every year which can be obtained in 3 to 6 months time. Temporary Work Permit holders could be eligible for Canadian immigration with their families after working for a certain period of time in Canada. This publication has been produced with the approval of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and with the authorization of Public Works and Government Services.


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Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment (Nadem, T.)