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Honour Thyself

od Steel, D. z vydavateľstva Transworld Publishers dot 2009

Honour Thyself

od Steel, D. z vydavateľstva Transworld Publishers dot 2009

Autor: Steel, D.
Vydavateľstvo: Transworld Publishers
Rok vydania: 2009
EAN: 9780552158411
Počet strán: 506
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Rozmery: 130x210x40 mm
Žáner: Zahr.literatura
Formát: A5
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 8,50 €
Zľava: 27%
Naša cena 6,20 €
Kúpou tohto produktu získate 0,42 bodov

Viac o knihe Honour Thyself (Steel, D.)

Carole Barber has come to Paris, with its rain-slick slate roofs and winding streets, to work on her novel - and to find herself after a lifetime in the spotlight. A legend of film and stage, Carole has set a standard of beauty and grace, devoting herself to her family and causes around the world. But on this cool November evening, as her taxi speeds into a tunnel just past the Louvre, a fiery instant of terror shatters hundreds of lives - and leaves Carole alone, unconscious and unidentified in a Paris emergency room. At the Ritz, they wonder where their famous, incognito guest has gone.From California to London, Carole´s friends and family begin to make inquiries. Then comes a moment of shock as they realize that Carole is in a hospital far from home, fighting for her life. In the days that follow, the paparazzi swarm. A mysterious stranger, a man famous in his own realm, quietly visits the hospital to see the woman he once loved and never forgot. Carole´s two grown children rush to her bedside, waiting and praying - until the miraculous begins to happen ...But as a woman whom the whole world knows slowly awakens, she knows nothing of herself.Every detail must be pieced back together - from a childhood in rural Mississippi to the early days of her career, from the unintentional hurt inflicted on her daughter to a fifteen year-old secret love affair that went tragically wrong. But for Carole, an extraordinary opportunity has arisen in a life-threatening crisis: a second chance to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love ...and to live a life that will truly honor others -beginning with herself. A tale of survival and dignity, of small miracles and big surprises, Honor Thyself creates an unforgettable portrait of a public figure whose hopes, fears, and heartbreaks are as real as our own.Her courageous journey inspires us all. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.


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Honour Thyself (Steel, D.)