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Crash Proof 2.0

od Schiff, P. D. - Downes, P. z vydavateľstva John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2009

Crash Proof 2.0

od Schiff, P. D. - Downes, P. z vydavateľstva John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2009

Autor: Schiff, P. D. - Downes, P.
Vydavateľstvo: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Rok vydania: 2009
EAN: 9780470474532
Počet strán: 364
Typ tovaru: Pevná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 25,60 €
Naša cena 22,78 €
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Viac o knihe Crash Proof 2.0 (Schiff, P. D. - Downes, P.)

A fully updated follow-up to Peter Schiff´s bestselling financial survival guide-Crash Proof, which described the U.S. economy as a house of cards on the verge of collapse, with over 80 pages of new material The economic and monetary disaster which seasoned Wall Street prognosticator Peter Schiff predicted is no longer hypothetical-it is here today. And nobody understands what to do in this situation better than the man who saw it coming. For more than a decade, Schiff has not only observed the U.S. economy, but also helped his clients restructure their portfolios to reflect his outlook. What he sees today is a nation facing an economic storm brought on by growing federal, personal, and corporate debt; too little savings; and a declining dollar. Crash Proof 2.0 picks up right where the first edition-a bestselling book that predicted the current market mayhem-left off. This timely guide takes into account the dramatic economic shifts that are reshaping America and provides you with the insights and information to navigate the dangerous terrain. Throughout the book, Schiff explains the factors that will affect your future financial stability and offers a specific three step plan to battle the current economic downturn. * Discusses the measures you can take to protect yourself-as well as profit-during these difficult times * Offers an insightful examination of the structural weaknesses underlying the economic meltdown * Outlines a plan that will allow you to preserve wealth and protect the purchasing power of your savings * Other titles by Schiff: Crash Proof and The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets


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Crash Proof 2.0 (Schiff, P. D. - Downes, P.)