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The King's Mistress

od Campion, E. z vydavateľstva Random House UK dot 2009

The King's Mistress

od Campion, E. z vydavateľstva Random House UK dot 2009

Autor: Campion, E.
Vydavateľstvo: Random House UK
Rok vydania: 2009
EAN: 9780434015504
Počet strán: 560
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 13,- €
Zľava: 11%
Naša cena 11,57 €

Viac o knihe The King's Mistress (Campion, E.)

When had I a choice to be other than I was? From childhood Alice Salisbury has learnt obedience in all things and at fourteen dutifully marries the man her father has chosen for her - at the cost of losing for ever the love of her mother and the family she holds dear. But merchant Janyn Perrers is a good and loving husband and Alice soon learns to enjoy her marriage. Until a messenger brings news of his disappearance and she discovers that her husband had many secrets - secrets which have now put a price on her own head and that of her beloved daughter. Brought under the protection of King Edward III and Queen Philippa she must obediently embrace her fate once more - as a virtual prisoner at Court. And when the king singles her out for more than just royal patronage she knows she has little choice but to accept his advances. But obeying the king brings with it many burdens as well as pleasures, as she forfeits her good name to keep her daughter free from hurt. Still a young woman and guided by her intellect and good business sense, she learns to use her gifts as wisely as she can. But as one of the king´s favourites she brings jealousy and hatred in her wake and some will stop at nothing to see her fall from grace.


Kapitán Bombarďák 6
Krásna pani 2021

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The King's Mistress (Campion, E.)