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8th Confession

od Patterson, J. z vydavateľstva TBS 2010

8th Confession

od Patterson, J. z vydavateľstva TBS 2010

Autor: Patterson, J.
Vydavateľstvo: TBS
Rok vydania: 2010
EAN: 9780099538943
Počet strán: 471
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 9,40 €
Naša cena 7,21 €
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Viac o knihe 8th Confession (Patterson, J.)

Behind the closed doors of San Francisco´s grandest mansions, beautiful people party the nights away in a heady mix of money, drugs, drink and sex. But the rich and famous aren´t the only ones with the keys to these most exclusive of addresses, someone else is intent on crashing the party. A rock star, a fashion designer, a software tycoon and a millionaire heiress. Each is glamourous, stunningly attractive and incredibly rich, but their similarities don´t end there, they have something else in common too. They are all dead. Just as the rich and famous are the talk of the town when they´re alive, interest in them certainly doesn´t die when they do, and Detective Lindsay Boxer is quickly assigned to the case. In stark contrast, few people seem as interested when a local hero, Bagman Jesus, is brutally murdered.Reporter Cindy Thomas soon becomes interested in his story: his work with the homeless of San Francisco was admirable. He was loved by so many - who would want to kill him? Could the down-and-out Samaritan have been hiding a dark secret? It isn´t just Cindy who has questions that need answering, Lindsay fiercely depends on Claire´s help to crack her case. Both seek guidance from their friends, but in doing so, they are forced to confront feelings they´d buried away. Things aren´t so simple for Yuki either, as she falls quite literally head over heels in love; but the man of her dreams isn´t quite who he seems. The Women´s Murder Club need each other more than ever but with tensions running high will the friends be strong enough to stick together or will the strain tear them apart?


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8th Confession (Patterson, J.)