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Sputnik Sweetheart

od Murakami, H. z vydavateľstva Random House UK dot 2002

Sputnik Sweetheart

od Murakami, H. z vydavateľstva Random House UK dot 2002

Autor: Murakami, H.
Vydavateľstvo: Random House UK
Rok vydania: 2002
EAN: 9780099448471
Počet strán: 240
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Rozmery: 115x198x19 mm
Žáner: Svetová súčasná
Vydanie: 1
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 11,70 €
Naša cena 9,79 €
Kúpou tohto produktu získate 0,47 bodov

Viac o knihe Sputnik Sweetheart (Murakami, H.)

Haruki Murakami is arguably one of Japan´s finest, modern writers and is, increasingly, being seen as one of the top authors working today. The last novel of his to find its way to these shores, Norwegian Wood, was a delightful, if slightly one-dimensional coming-of-age tale. The pyrotechnics of his previous, more surreal novels (Wind Up Bird Chronicle and A Wild Sheep Chase) had disappeared but something of his eccentricity, what made his books such a wonder, had disappeared too. Sputnik Sweetheart is a confident continuation of this more simple style yet one that retains the allegories, the depth of his best work. The narrator, a teacher, is in love with the beguiling, odd Sumire. As his best friend, she is not adverse to phoning at three or four in the morning to ask a pointless question or share a strange thought. Sumire, though, is in love with a beautiful, older woman, Miu, who does not, can not, return her affections. Longing for Sumire, K (that is all we are told by way of a name) finds some comfort in a purely sexual relationship with the mother of one of his pupils. But the consolation is slight. K is unhappy. Miu and Sumire, now working together, take a business trip to a Greek Island. Something happens, he is not told what, and so K travels to Greece to see what help he can offer. Themes of love, loss, sexuality, identity and selfhood are all interrogated, woven into a compelling, romantic, serious and sometimes sad book. It is a disarmingly simple, hugely satisfying, intelligent and moving work and one of Murakami´s best. Simplicity, sprinkled with a dose of his magic, has enabled Murakami to write candidly, succinctly and beautifully about the complications and difficulties of love and loving.


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Sputnik Sweetheart (Murakami, H.)