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Me Cheeta: The Autobiography

od Lever, J. - Cheeta z vydavateľstva Harper Collins UK 2009

Me Cheeta: The Autobiography

od Lever, J. - Cheeta z vydavateľstva Harper Collins UK 2009

Autor: Lever, J. - Cheeta
Vydavateľstvo: Harper Collins UK
Rok vydania: 2009
EAN: 9780007280162
Počet strán: 352
Typ tovaru: Brožovaná väzba
Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Bežná cena 6,50 €
Naša cena 5,79 €
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Viac o knihe Me Cheeta: The Autobiography (Lever, J. - Cheeta)

Kate Summerscale, Guardian (Book of the Year) ´Easily my favourite book of the year!funny scandalous and moving.´ Kathryn Hughes, Mail on Sunday (Books of the Year) ´It´s the book everyone´s talking about, a book that makes you gaffaw out loud.´ Evening Standard (Books of the Year) ´A hilarious satire of memory and lore in Hollywood!Nabokovian, only hairier´.´ Joseph O´Neill, Guardian ´Even though Cheeta has no morals or manners and gives an extravagantly unreliable account of himself, the personality that leaps from these pages remains a more plausible construction than those offered (in other celebrity memoirs). This unquestionably is the gold glinting in the cloacal slurry. Any celebs hoping to crack next year´s Christmas market should take note: look upon the work of the guy with the hairy ears and saggy scarlet bottom and despair.´ Independent on Sunday (Books of the Year) ´Undoubtedly the year´s best not-a-memoir-at-all!It´s hard to conceive of anyone who´d like a biography for Christmas who wouldn´t like a copy of this truly, horribly funny book.´ Daily Telegraph (Books of the Year) ´It is a lovely way to look at the history of Hollywood, and probably more truthful than most accounts.´ Spectator ´The literary equivalent of Cheeta´s own triple-back-flip-handclap-double-lip-flip-and-grin...all of this delivered in glorious inventive prose. Whoever you are, I salute you!´ Scotland on Sunday ´A hilarious book.´ Sunday Times ´Me Cheeta may well be the finest Hollywood memoir ever written...right up there with the likes of David Niven.´ Mail On Sunday ´Laugh-out-loud hilarious...also a moving tribute to the man who will forever be associated with the role of Tarzan.´ Sunday Telegraph ´The most rollicking showbiz-memoir since David Niven´s Bring on the Empty Horses...Me Cheeta is a satirical masterpiece.´ Telegraph ´A unique, witty and magnificently bitchy Hollywood satire -- and oddly touching to boot.´ Metro (Books of the Year) ´You´ll not read a better evocation of celebritydom. The best celebrity memoir you´ll read this year...a joyous satire on Hollywood´s Golden Age.´Observer ´Admirably irreverent and iconoclastic.´ Sunday Business Post ´What a memoir it is!´ The Sunday Tribune ´Not many come as honest as this banana-munching, Tarzan-famed fella.´ Zoo Magazine ´!a lot better than a fictional autobiography of Hollywood chimpanzee ought to be!amusing.´ Kate Saunders, The Times.


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Me Cheeta: The Autobiography (Lever, J. - Cheeta)