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International Express Elementary Class Cassette /1/

Autor: Taylor, L. - Harding, K. - Wallwork, A.
Vydavateľstvo: Oxford University Press
Rok vydania: 2002
Typ tovaru: Kazeta
Tovar expedujeme: Vypredané
Naša cena 165,75 €

International Express Elementary Class Cassette /1/

Intended for professionals who need English for work, travel, and socializing, this highly practical course bridges the gap between general English and the professional world of working adults. The syllabus is based on the needs of people in work who use English as an international means of communication, especially those who find that general coursebooks are too general, and business English courses too specialized. The course makes full use of the experience, motivation and skills of working adult learners. Units are topic-based with sophisticated international topics appropriate to adult learners and students are encouraged to communicate confidently in a range of realistic professional situations, including socializing, making contacts and telephoning. Authentic contexts are used to present grammar structures using a discovery method. Learners analyse language and formulate grammar rules, making grammar more interesting and memorable. Vocabulary-learning strategies help learners extend and develop essential vocabulary areas and there are plenty of opportunities for multi-skills work in pairs and groups in the listening and reading texts. Pronunciation training helps learners to sound more fluent and confident and a portable pocket book contains grammar summaries, social phrases and other useful information. Throughout, the course recognizes adults as independent, resourceful learners. Key learning points are listed at the beginning of each unit; review units allow learners to monitor their own progress; and opportunities for independent study are provided by the workbook and pocket book. The elementary level offers a simplified unit structure and shorter, more manageable practice activities to suit the needs of elementary students. Units are divided into three parts: Language Focus, Wordpower and Focus on Communication, to help learners progress more quickly towards competence in a range of work-related contexts. There is no through storyline, allowing teachers greater flexibility of use. This student book provides 12 topic-based units and the separate pocket book, along with an answer key and tape scripts.

International Express Elementary Class Cassette /1/ (Taylor, L. - Harding, K. - Wallwork, A.) Recenzie k International Express Elementary Class Cassette /1/

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