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Honoré, T.

Knihy od: Honoré, T.

Responsibility and Fault (Honoré, T.)
Responsibility and Fault
Honoré, T. | Gardners Books Ltd (2002)
the essays present and defend the author´s influential philosophical framework for the understanding of responsibility, and clarify it´s relation to... the law of torts and criminal law. The style throughout is elegant and often witty, and complex arguments... are developed with enviable lucidity. Roderick Bagshaw, Law Quarterly Review; Honore is...
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27,70 € 24,65 €
Zľava: 11%
Ulpian-Pioneer of Human Rights (Honoré, T.)
Ulpian-Pioneer of Human Rights
Honoré, T. | Oxford University Press (2002)
This is a thoroughly revised edition of the only full-scale work about possibly the most influential lawyer of all time, the Syrian Ulpian. Ulpian wrote a massive survey of Roman law in 213-17 AD and Tony Honore argues that his philosophy of freedom and equality make him a pioneer of...
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138,60 € 123,35 €
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Emperors and Lawyers (Honoré, T.)
Emperors and Lawyers
Honoré, T. | Oxford University Press (1994)
This second edition of Tony Honore´s controversial book analyzes some 2,609 legal rulings (rescripts) given by Roman Emperors between 193 and 305 AD, and argues that, though issued in the name of emperors, they were really both in style and substance the work of professional lawyers. From their style Honore...
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138,60 € 123,35 €
Zľava: 11%